Monday, February 19, 2018

BTW #046 Kidder and Jade Record a Surprise Episode!

Sorry for the low audio quality. We weren’t really expecting to record an episode but since our conversation got pretty interesting we decided to use it, Enjoy, or not.

From outta nowhere, Jade and Kidder take a bath and talk about everything and nothing in particular. Kidder when back to Facebook after years for no good reason. What’s a cis white male and why is there so much angst when one of them has or shares an opinion?

We’re living in a time when saying the wrong word, regardless of intent, or contents can get you in a lot of trouble as we discuss the controversy around YouTube sex educator, Laci Green. - Kidder says the word, “Tranny.” …end quote and context. :P

Mansplaining is explained and it sexist because it compares an individual to stereotypes of their gender instead of judging the person as an individual.

We on the left are angry and our anger is not helping us win anything. It is further emboldening our opponents and causing splits and divisions among ourselves. We are not doing a good job of educating. We are not doing a good job of supporting free speech even when we disagree with the speech. We are losing much of what makes us liberal. tolerant, and accepting and often we’re doing more judging than the evangelicals on the other side.

Why are we recording a Bathtalk? A friend of ours who we’re seeing in a few weeks talked us into it. Kidder has chosen to wait until tests have cleared before having sex with anyone. Kidder looks forward to a day when instant STI testing technologies help us make informed decisions about our sex partners. Kidder envisions a utopian society where all girls and boys have mechanical contraception and never again will there be another abortion and all babies are planned and wanted. Jade thinks MFM Threesomes are fun because two men can do things together that are simply impossible for one man on his own.

Kidder doesn’t talk about what he’s doing at work except to say that Virtual Reality is an amazing platform that is on the cusp of changing how we engage with technology. Jade and Kidder still miss Steve Jobs.

A book that changed Jade and Kidder’s understanding of each other and their relationship. Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find - And Keep - Love. The book says that Kidder and Jade’s attachment styles lead to the most problematic relationship possible. Catholic Marriage camp is a waste of time.

Jade talks about how different things are now since our last recording. Jade is back to work and talks about transitioning from professional woman starting in her career, to mom, and back to a professional woman who is now interested in growing in her field. The “bad mom,” narrative is just a harmful meme that must die.

Jade had an opportunity that, “literally,” landed in her lap. Relationships benefit from partners being able to fully support transitions between careers in a very special way.


Diana Dinh-Andrus said...

I felt like this discussion basically said that I'm not allowed to feel marginalized because that is a form of stereotyping. If you call me a tranny, that is offensive. I will let you know it's offensive. If you continue to use a word you know is offensive you are saying that you don't care that it's offensive. It might seem like it's just words, but if you don't care that you are offending an entire group of people then you don't care about that group of people, and you are perpetuating the marginalization of that group.

Kidder Kaper said...

Yeah, I guess, that is pretty much what we talked about though I'm not sure that we so much are saying we don't care that anything is offensive as much as we're saying that we think that intention, tone. and context is important to the whole mix and perhaps that nobody really has a right to not be offended. I dunno? Where you offended by what we said?

Kidder Kaper said...

And if so, do you think we intended to offend you?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I listened to your Sex Is Fun podcast on my 4 hour commutes while I was in college. You helped open my eyes and educate me on a lot of things. Thank you!