Friday, November 11, 2011

BTW #043 Kidder Kaper Leaves the Sex is Fun Podcast

Why did Kidder Kaper leave the Sex is Fun Podcast? Well, it isn't because he hates Laura Rad, Gay Rick, or Coochie. He left because he accomplished what he came to do. Does Kidder still care about sex and sex education? Of course! is going to be all about sex, but not ALL about sex. Kaperlife is going to be about living a most awesome lifestyle!!!

Jade and Kidder Kaper discuss the most pansexual party ever! It was so pansexual party that it blew Gay Rick's entire concept of Kidder's sexuality. What does pansexual mean? Pansexual: Adjective - Not limited or inhibited in sexual choice with regard to gender or activity. It means that you can play with anyone you wish regardless of whether or not they have penises or vaginas. So at this party, EVERYONE played with partners of both sexes. So imagine Kidder Kaper licking Gay Rick's ass like piece of strawberry-flavored saltwater taffy, because that is what happened.

Gay Rick's boyfriend, Cole, made out Kidder and ended up inserting a butt plug in Kidder's ass. Jade made out with a lot more men then women but not all of them were str8. She learned how to bite nipples now! Every girlfriend Kidder Kaper has ever had has been or become cool with the fact that they are bisexual and none of them had much of an issue with it or needed much time to question their sexuality.

Kidder Kaper has a new offensive theory about Gay, Bi, and Straight and Hetero-flexible men. He believes that the big difference between gay men and non-straight men is simply this; gay men will never love eating pussy. Kidder Kaper loves eating pussy!

Jade gets the Essure, a perminent sterilization. Now she feels more confident about not getting pregnant and that is a good thing. ;)

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