Monday, August 29, 2011

BTW #042 Summer 2011 Part 2

We've got a new blog and now you can read stories from Jade and Kidder Kaper all the time at

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Please visit Kidder and Jade's website to see photos and read show notes for the podcast at BathTalk Weekly

In this episode you'll hear:

Epic shout-out to Boris and Doris podcast.

Swingercast has de-friended all of Kidder Kaper's closest friends, making Kidder's theory that some some adults never really got out of Jr. high 50% more likely.

Jade answers a question about getting sexy photos taken. Her opinion, it is fun!

Kidder has a dirty sexy chat with a woman who's way to young for him.

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Brian K said...

Since the format has changed a bit, where are the direct links to the .mp3 files so that people can listen to the new posts?