Monday, August 29, 2011

BTW #042 Summer 2011 Part 2

We've got a new blog and now you can read stories from Jade and Kidder Kaper all the time at

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Please visit Kidder and Jade's website to see photos and read show notes for the podcast at BathTalk Weekly

In this episode you'll hear:

Epic shout-out to Boris and Doris podcast.

Swingercast has de-friended all of Kidder Kaper's closest friends, making Kidder's theory that some some adults never really got out of Jr. high 50% more likely.

Jade answers a question about getting sexy photos taken. Her opinion, it is fun!

Kidder has a dirty sexy chat with a woman who's way to young for him.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BTW #041 Kidder and Jade hit the tub (Summer 2011)

Jade Kaper PaintingWhat's the future of the Sex is Fun podcast?

Jade has had a hankering to do a Bathtalk for two weeks and Kidder blows off work to record. Jade is getting popular on Facebook auditioning new potential sex-chat partners. If you wanna apply, find her on Facebook Jade gets booted from Facebook for posting a (not-so) naughty picture. In fact, here it is.

Why is Mark Zuckerberg such a puritanical douche? Mark, I know you are a total narcissist and probably are reading this right now, and I love your product but you need to make a version of it for adults.

Kidder is building an earth-sheltered, beachfront guesthouse. It plays 10 comfortably. Kidder will hopefully finish the house just in time for their annual nek'ed party and this year they have invited several guests from out of town that they met in Desire.

Kidder and Jade have super big NEWS! Jade plans an evening with a unicorn. Kidder sees Jade experience compersion for the first time and that begins a nearly fatal compersion loop! It spurs Jade to start cumming in the way she used to.