Thursday, May 7, 2009

Desire with Swingercast Trip Report (part 4)

Coochie asks about barrier use at the club. Sex educators totally ignore their own advice in the heat of them. A tipsy Kidder explains the diseases transmission likelihood. Lorax and FKS experience a full swap with the British couple. They liked it so much that they did it again. Lorax is sporting her "fuck me eyes" and it is making everyone all hot and bothered. 

Sex is Fun day is a hit and we all play the game, Swing Set. That was a blast. Kidder got Lorax off with a vibrating cockring. Jade made out with more guys and a really hot woman who makes custom glass dildos. She even crafted one to Kidder's specifications. Jade wants to try it out with her. Kidder discusses his fight or flight moments when he sees Jade kissing other men and how making out with other women puts him at ease. FKS discusses feeling the college crush after being in a relationship for so long. The thrill of being attractive to someone and the excitement of making out with other people is such a great joy even if it is just for one week. 

The gang discusses how to make your first experiences with non-monogamous play more enjoyable and less disastrous.

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