Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BathTalk 12 - Catching Up with Kidder and Jade

Catch up with us now.

Today we catch up with our listeners as we've missed you. Is Kidder bisexual? We discuss masturbation etiquette when in a relationship. Where have we been and what have we been doing all summer? Kidder talks about using an ATV for yard work including to convert your ATV into a dirt moving front end loader. Kidder also teaches you how to mow your lawn with your ATV for only $16 bucks in parts.

We discuss more boardgames including our new favorite, "Puerto Rico." We discuss "Debauchery 8," our annual sex party that we throw. This year was a bit of a prudish party though we did beta test the new SwingSet Card Game. Jade is now Kidder's assistant and working with each other is going well though Kidder has trouble keeping his hands off of Jade while at work.

We discuss sibling rivalry and how we helped our son realize that gets lots of attention even after the arrival of his baby sister.

Links from things we discussed on the show

Swisher ATV Dump Bucket
Kidder's new ATV
Puerto Rico the Board Game


Anonymous said...

Greetings to you from Germany…
I love your shows (both, Bath Talk and Sex is Fun) they are so hilarious and you realy spark my humdrum day.

You told lots about your acomplishments during the summmer by moving arround dirt, and your descriptions made me curois.
It would be great if you cold toss a few pictures of your private beach resort into your listeners direction.

Keep having fun, Stephan

Kidder said...

Your wish is our command...

Stephan said...

Looks really nice, thank you…