Tuesday, October 17, 2006

BathTalk 11 - Kissing

Learn all about the benefits of Kissing
We're back and we've got some great info about the benefits of Kissing

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Monica said...

Hi Kidder and Jade,
Thank you for sharing your experience and story. I Just discovered your podcast and it has been very instructive.
I'm involved with a new lover and I really want for it to work this time. I've had problems with communication and intimacy before, and I want to change.
Thank you for all the good advice.
I loved the idea of the bathtub!
Keep up doing the podcast, we're listening!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hey I know kissing is important and these shows are somewhat streams of consciousness, but it seemed to lose focus about halfway through. I was hoping for some cool kissing techniques, to find out if Kidder ever found Jade's "Oral G-Spot" talked about of SiF, breathing kisses, eyes open kisses, etc. What happened, did lust overcome you???