Thursday, June 1, 2006

BathTalk Weekly 09 - Relationship Mistakes

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We must apologise for our poor chemestry on this show.
We just didn't have in us to do a show and probably should have waited until we found a better topic.

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Anonymous said...

You haven't wakeboarded yet? What's holding you up. Get a drysuit and get out. Although I still wakeboard I am more a Skyskier now.

Anonymous said...

I like it when your regular life shows through in a show..the gaps in speaking, struggling to change topics, taking it in stride when a child pops in during the show..that's what makes it cool.

The fact that you're willing to discuss pretty much anything makes listening enjoyable.

Being a therapist myself, I usually don't like "real life" shows (I hear enough real life during the day) but you have such a similar relationship to the one I have that it's like seeing it through someone else's eyes.

Keep recording and posting...I'm listening :0)